BUFF Kasai Night Blue Kids Filter Mask

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  • 98% bacterial filtration. The filters meet the standards for surgical masks.
  • Each mask includes 5 replacement filters.
  • Stylish design, guaranteed comfort.

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Nympha Pink – BUFF® Filter Mask: Masks have become a necessary accessory around the world for activities of daily living such as taking a walk or going out to play with friends. Comfortable and reliable, BUFF® Filter Masks feature replacement 3-layer filters, and are made from our CoolNet UV + ® fabric, washable up to 60ºC. Filters with 98% antibacterial efficiency: they meet the standards of surgical masks.
HeiQ V-Block fabric technology protects the fabric of the inner pocket of the BUFF® Filter Mask against microbes and germs. Contains a biocide * made from recycled silver salt.
* Active ingredient: reaction mass of titanium dioxide and silver chloride. Antimicrobial properties to protect the fabric of the inner pocket of the mask. The mask does not protect the user or third parties from pathogens. Always clean the mask thoroughly after each use.
Design: Print. Size: child (not recommended for children under 3 years).


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