The Original Puddle Jumper®

From the moment their toes first hit the water, parents want their kids to feel confident as they learn how to swim. Since 2009, the Original Puddle Jumper has provided safe, comfortable products for kids in all stages of childhood. Tied to the Stearns® brand, well established for more than 60 years in conquering uncharted waters and developing new water safety standards with the U.S. Coast Guard, they offer a variety of safe products that put parents at ease while giving children the freedom to have fun in the water.

Unique, comfortable, and protective, The Original Puddle Jumper stands out from traditional life jackets while still providing Coast Guard-approved safety. Our high-quality products undertake thorough testing to instill parents with the confidence that their child is well protected. We take water safety to a whole new dimension with 3-D pop-up images and colorful, imaginative designs so that your little one will want to wear The Original Puddle Jumper all day long.

Every parent deserves to feel relaxed as their child starts to have fun in the water. From baby steps in the shallow end to competitive water sports years down the road, The Original Puddle Jumper offers safety and fun as countless memories are made for parents and children, one splash at a time.

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